About Me 


I love what I see.

Rita at Brison residency

I do what I love.

I love what I do.

I live in a rural village in West Dorset close to the Jurassic Coast. This is where I walk my dogs every day absorbing the atmosphere of the landscape and coast whilst observing what the changing seasons bring to the flora and fauna.
My work is a joyful expression about how I feel about my experiences in nature. I allow the painting to evolve into itself. I paint intuitively from memory and experience. There is a dance between intent and intuition using a process of building up layers of paint, creating texture, rubbing back, painting over with glazes. Each action creates a reaction and new marks from previous actions. Just as the geological processes create new surfaces and the changing seasons bring new life from the old. 
I bring these techniques and knowledge of anatomy into my work with dancers. Layering light, spacecolour and capturing fleeting moments. The land and the figure are my inspiration and are the triggers for my creative  responses. 

Personal Development

Since the completion of training in Fine Art my career has been enriched by association with:-

Master Tengue Ostenrik, Indonesia.

Irene Hong Kim Geok, Singapore.

La Salle, Academy, Singapore

Nan Yang fine Art Academy

Ray Garvey, Provence.

Italian Schools of Verrochio and Daedalo

Daniel Green, (USA)

Slade School of Art, London

Newlyn and St Ives Schools of Art, Cornwall

Awards and Achievements.

The Creative Action Research Award

St Barbe's Museum Open - First Prize and Highly Commended

The South West Academy Open - First Prize

Selected for the Atkinson Gallery Open, Millfield School

Artist Residencies:- 

Durlston Country Park, Swanage

Brison's Veor, Cape Cornwall

Pavilion Dance, South West

Octagon Theatre, Yeovil

Lighthouse Theatre, Poole


During a long and successful career in art I have exhibited extensively in open studios, galleries and shows across the UK and also internationally at the following:

The Kiku Gallery, Osaka, Japan

Pukekhoe Art and Cultural Centre, New Zealand

Chateau D'Arts Gallery, Singapore

The National Museum of Singapore

The Ancient Civilisations Museum

For a full CV please contact me on one of the contact forms.